In 4 Easy Steps

Design your own made-to-measure menswear with the help of one of our expert stylists.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you understand the basics of style and figure out your specific needs to make sure we can truly find your fit. 

How it works

In four easy steps

Choose your options

Get measured

The Fitting

Select your fabric

Create unique shirts, suits and trousers according to your tastes and preferences by choosing from the finest fabrics of the world.

From collar to cuffs, including contrasts, pockets and buttons, you can personalize your garments thanks to our vast selection of cuts and options.

One of our experts will take your measurements during your first visit. We will keep all of your measurements on file to ensure the same fit for your future purchases.

The essential step to ensure you are totally comfortable in your new Surmesur garments. The fitting takes just a few minutes after your clothing has arrived and guarantees a perfect fit.

Affordable Luxury

Enjoy the best value on the made-to-measure market!



Trouser & Chinos

Starting at $499

Delivered within 4 to 6 weeks

Starting at $95

Delivered within 3 to 5 weeks

Starting at $189

Delivered within 4 to 6 weeks

To Plan Your First Visit

Before your first visit, reflect on the image you wish to project, gather some style inspiration, whether it is from a certain era or your favourite celebrity look, and contact our stylists.

Together, you will create your dream custom wardrobe based on your specific needs and unique lifestyle!

For a suit

For trousers

For a shirt

Allow 60 minutes for the creation and measurement of a suit.

Allow 30 to 45 minutes for the creation and measurement of a shirt.

It is preferable to bring a pair of shoes similar to those you intend to wear with your suit.

It is always preferable to come to the store dressed in the type of clothing you enjoy wearing so we can better understand what you like in terms of cut and design.

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Discover the history and the vision behind our original concept of made-to-measure clothing for men.

Everything we do is designed with our future in mind. We push others to their best selves, and we are no exception.

We want to be the brand that elevates people to be their best selves every day.

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