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Discover the history and the vision behind our original concept of made-to-measure clothing for men, where the perfect marriage of traditional tailoring and technological innovation results in the perfect fit.




After two months of research and design, brothers Vincent and François Thériault launch a business offering a new shopping experience in a 300-square-foot store in Quebec City. Their concept is an instant success.

A move and expansion in June 2011 allows Surmesur to welcome Quebec City clients in a more accommodating 1,200-square-foot space. Thanks to word of mouth, the company enjoys rapid growth over the following year.  

Surmesur establishes a second, more spacious and modern showroom in the heart of Montreal. This second, more spacious and modern showroom will even host Surmesur's first scanner to facilitate the taking of measurements.




Surmesur adds a third showroom, this time in downtown Toronto, coinciding with the launch of surmesur.com, an online store that gives clients the tools to design shirts directly online.

A fourth showroom opens its doors in downtown Ottawa. At the same time, the administrative team doubles in size, requiring a major reorganization of the Quebec City offices.

The fifth year of operations is brimming with change, thanks to the creation of our own ordering software The Studio. In autumn of the same year, Surmesur sets up shop in Laval in order to meet the growing demand in the Montreal region.




In 2016, Surmesur takes the next big step with the opening of a showroom in Mississauga - a move that comes a few weeks after the opening of the company's first US locations, in Chicago and Pittsburgh. The same year, Surmesur launches a new transactional website.

The company expands out west with the opening of its first franchise in Vancouver, BC. This marks a coast-to-coast expansion for the company. A new expansion project in Mexico is also in the works for Surmesur.

After 4 years at our Ottawa’s Slater street location, the company decides to relocate the showroom to a more central location on Queen st. In Quebec, the growing management team requires more space, the Surmesur Head Office doubles in size and gets a whole new look.




2019 marks a new era for Surmesur and a change in the company’s management team. The brothers name a new General Manager, Louis-Charles Plante, tasked with taking Surmesur to the next level. The company also takes a big step with the opening of its first official showroom in Mexico city. 

The first pandemic in Surmesur’s history hit the company hard. Retail is deeply affected and the year 2020 marks a pivotal turning point for the whole team. Building our clients relationships and continuing to inspire menswear enthusiasts become our main goal. This also marks our first store closure, the company’s second US location, Chicago after 3 years in operations. 

2021 marks an exciting year of renewal for Surmesur. With a strong team of sartorial lovers, the company embarks on a shift of its brand image marking its 10th anniversary as well as a change in its offer. New products, one-on-one appointments and personal stylists become the key features at Surmesur.

The Original Surmesur Mindset

The company has been around for 10 years and it has grown into something stronger and bolder while always staying true to the CARE - The Original Surmesur Mindset. 

CARE was inspired by the mindset on which Surmesur was built. It has always been a fundamental part of who the company is. 

C for Client

The client is at the heart of Surmesur. 

A for Altruism

Be a person first, and a Stylist second. 

R for Reputation

Surmesur’s stylists and clients are our ambassadors.

E for Empathy

Taking care of our clients is what sets us apart. 

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Everything we do is designed with our future in mind. We push others to their best selves, and we are no exception.

Discover the history and the vision behind our original concept of made-to-measure clothing for men.

Discover our personalized shopping experience in four easy steps for which Surmesur has become known.

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